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All online payments are processed via Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account to use Paypal as it accepts all debit and credit cards. If you would prefer to pay by bank to bank transfer or Western Union, please contact me to discuss this.


I have various websites but one main Paypal account that is used to accept Payments as this makes my life easier - it would be very complicated for me to be checking various email addresses to look out for orders ! When you go through checkout, Paypal will likely display who you are paying (Myself -Victoria Zasikowski), rather than showing the website name. The Paypal address I use is a generic address that receives payments from all my sales venues. I will not give the full address here as spammers will take advantage of it, but it will appear on your Paypal receipt.


After you have made payment, you will be redirected to the home page of this website.


On occasion, a customer may receive a message on screen from Paypal as follows :


"We're sorry , we can't complete your purchase at this time. Please return to the merchant and choose another way to pay"


This is NOT an error linked in any way to the cart of this website. An error message like this means your payment has been declined, whether you went through guest checkout or used an actual Paypal account. The usual reason for it being declined is that you have reached Paypal's maximum spending allowance, which is £2,500. In order to comply with European regulations, this cap is in place and can only be removed by you directly contacting Paypal and asking what you need to do to increase the spending limit.


Meanwhile, you can try another card or another Paypal acccount, if you have one. Alternatively, I can accept a direct bank to bank transfer or a Western Union payment. Please contact me to discuss either option.


ANOTHER possibility for such a message, or something similar, is that you have an actual Paypal account but for some reason you are trying to go through guest checkout . In such cases, Paypal will not let the transaction go through, so please try again using your Paypal account and do NOT try guest checkout again .


There are no refunds granted on spell casting or Tarot reading services if you are for some reason not happy with the service.

The only time I am able to refund is if you request a cancellation of the service BEFORE the day it was due to start. And in this case, I will send a refund that deducts the fee Paypal takes from me each time someone purchases something, as they do not refund that back to me . The amount that will be deducted from your refund is 3.4% of the total plus 20p, which is exactly the amount they take and do not give back to me.


Refunds for physical items mailed out in the post will only be considered if the product has arrived broken or damaged, in which case I will need to see photopgraphic proof.