Spell Casting Services - The Method

For all Hoodoo spell work, the appropriate spell formula is placed inside of a small envelope whose colour corresponds to the intention of the spell. A spell formula usually involves a number of different herbs, although some formulas require a certain incense, magickal dust or other item not classified as a herb. Your name is written on the spell envelope/s and a photo taken , so when it comes to sending over photographic proof, you can be confident the spell is indeed yours, not someone else's.


For the actual casting process, I use a cast iron cauldron so things are burned safely. If the weather is not cold, I will usually do this in my garden. Otherwise, I use the kitchen, with the doors to the garden wide open. I guess this truly makes me a "kitchen witch"


I light a candle , then proceed to burn your spellvelope in the flame before placing it in the cauldron. At various times while the candle is lit and the spellvelope is burning, I recite out loud the magickal request and any particular ritual words or chant which may apply. While the spell burns, I take a photo for you.