Spell Casting - Common Questions


I am nervous about having spell work done . Will I get bad karma ?


There is really nothing to worry about if you are having a spell cast on your behalf, or if you work with any kind of magickal products yourself. There is nothing “bad”, “evil” or “dark” about having a spell cast or working with magickal products. The notion of things backfiring and causing negative repercussions is primarily a Wiccan concept and one that has been popularized in many movies and TV shows, but the reality is that not all magickal practitioners subscribe to such beliefs.




How long does magick take to work ?


There is no written in stone answer to this as it varies person to person, case to case. Some people will experience results begin to manifest within a matter of days. For others, it can be some weeks. In some instances, results may even take a few months. Some individuals /circumstances will benefit from a single spell , while others may require more spells to be cast or to have spells done regularly on a longer term basis. Each situation and person's experience will vary, and it is important to have patience !



Is there anything I can do my end to help speed or strengthen results ?


Many people find that if they take some measures to engage more with the magickal process on their end, results can be hastened. This could involve the use of one or two simple magickal products, or perhaps visualization/meditation techniques. One of the most significant contributions you can make is to keep a positive mental attitude about the spell work. Fostering a belief and confidence in the spell casting's potential to yield good results will feed positive energy into the mix. Conversely, having a tendency to doubt the process or think other negative thoughts in connection with it are counter-productive. You have probably heard of "The Law of Attraction", whose basic premise asserts that we draw into our life those things that we most strongly visualize , whether these be positive or negative. Never under-estimate the power of your own mind and imagination !



Are spells guaranteed to work ?


It would be irresponsible for any spell caster to guarantee results, in the same way it would be for a doctor to promise a cure from taking a certain medication. I am a highly experienced practitioner of magick, with countless success cases during my years of casting spells for hundreds of people , many of whom are return clients.There is every chance that the spell work will yield positive results for you, so just keep a positive frame of mind about it all and visualize a successful outcome.



What are the signs a spell is working ?


– Things to do with the person or situation may start to appear in your dreams with more frequency

– You turn on the TV or radio and something relevant to the situation is seen or heard

– Odd coincidences and/or strange synchronicities begin to occur

– Words or images connected to the situation keep appearing before you , seemingly at random

– People or events from the past that have a strong link to the situation may pop up unexpectedly

– Out of the blue phone calls, emails, letters and other correspondance that relate to the situation start to occur

– You have dreams about the situation/ person that are more frequent than usual



I don't think my spell has worked. What now ?


While magick spells work for many people, there are always going to be cases where they do NOT work. This can be due to various reasons, with the most common being as follows :


- If you were working with a spell kit, you did not follow the instructions and guidelines properly

- The situation was too far gone, so it was beyond any help or just wasn't meant to be

- Your goal was unrealistic, e.g wanting an ex back who you haven't seen for 3 years, wanting to win the lottery, wanting to lose weight but not changing your eating or exercise habits, etc

- You were trying to bend someone's will but their mind was just too strong so countered the attempt. The subject was too well "shielded".

- You only approached the issue from one angle , when you ought to have attempted spell work that covered various bases so all elements of the issue were addressed.

- You had (or have) a subconscious or conscious opinion about the magick which is negative. You might think it won't work, you might think it is "maybe nonsense". Projecting this kind of energy out can affect the magick. Truly believing a spell can and will work is a key part of it working.

- Someone else has performed magick upon your target, which therefore prevents other magick spells from getting through

Whatever the reason, you COULD try again, perhaps from a different angle next time. That is entirely up to you of course.



The opposite of what I wanted from a spell seems to be happening or things are getting worse. Why?


People often assume that this is some "fault" of the spell but it is NOT. A spell will either work or not work - it does not cause a completly different effect to what it's intended for. If things are going in the wrong direction, that is just "life" I'm afraid - the natural flow of events. You MUST remember that any spell can take up to 90 days to show any sort of movement. Before then, things may not go the way you had hoped, or may seem to be worse, etc.



Some of your spells sound quite dark. Do you practice black magick ?


In Hoodoo there is no such thing as white magick, black magick or grey magick. Spells just are what they are , just like nature is nature , in all it's forms. I do practice some black magick but this does not mean the spells are "dark" or "bad". I  think the intent behind the magick is what is more significant. For example , while I offer Domination spell work, I have to know the intention the client has for the target first. If they wanted to control a lover to do very morally questionable things, I would refuse the order. If someone had their eye on some guy at work, and the guy is married with kids and the woman barely knows this guy, she just fancies him and wants him to be available, I would refuse the work. So I don't practice any kind of magick that makes me feel uncomfortable with regards to the reasons behind the spells requested.



Do you get messages, insights or impressions when doing spells ? Will I get some sort of "report" about it ?


"No" to all the above. Doing magick is a very practical undertaking really, a bit like getting ingredients together to bake a cake. When I begin the actual casting, my mind and emotions are focused on channeling energy into the spell. There is a great deal of concentration involved, and a lot of speaking aloud while the spell burns. It does not involve getting psychic impressions or feelings and 99.9% of the time it is an entirely straightforward process, so I don't send some sort of report to describe how the candle burned, how the wax melted, how long the spellvelope took to burn, etc.



I need advice about what to choose - can I email you for suggestions ?


Sure you can . I am happy to advise you if you are serious about having work done and not just merely curious. BUT if you have a very tricky situation, and lots of questions, and think we are likely to get into a lengthy email exchange, then please purchase a spell consultation service - there are links to this within all spell sections of the shop.



Should I try additional work, and if so, when ?


Whatever spell work you've tried to make a specific situation change, it is fine to do additional spell work. Some people may order something else a week later, or a few weeks later, while others come back to me some months down the line. Whether or not you order more work is entirely up to you. Generally, where a situation is stubborn or has been subject to the same patterns for a long time, doing more spell work is beneficial.



What are single, double and triple casts ?


A single cast is when a spell is cast once. Double casts involve two castings and triple casts involve 3. Where a double or triple cast is performed, they are done on the same day, one after the other. The more times a spell is cast, the stronger the spell tends to be



How long does a spell last once it gets working ?


There is no "one answer applies to all people" response here I'm afraid. Most people find that once a spell works, the results are permanent. Other people may find things are a bit up and down or that the spell seems to wear off sooner than hoped for. If this is the case it is often just down to the spell not being strong enough for the situation, so you may want to think about getting something stronger done.



How does black magick differ from your basic/standard Hoodoo spells ?


All the other spell services use Hoodoo magick. My black magick love spells do not use Hoodoo as no such thing as "black magick" exists in Hoodoo. For black magick love spells I draw from a broader range of magickal disciplines which are eclectic in nature ; what I decide to use varies on a case by case basis so there is total flexibility .


The other main difference, and probably the most significant one, is that black magick love spells involve working at a whole new energy/vibrational level. The forces I connect with are deeper, stronger, more intense and yes, "darker". No, I do not work with demons or so called Satanic forces ! None of my work involves any kind of bargaining with any  entities.  



Black magick love spells also have a reputation for being more effective than other systems of magick because the forces worked with are more powerful. Even so, some people are simply not comfortable with the idea of any kind of black magick work, and if that is true of you, that is fine. I do offer very strong Hoodoo work in the form of my 2 week custom magick service and extreme 30 day spell castings. But if you are not afraid of the idea of having me work with the darker side of things, and do not recoil at the idea of magick that unleashes forces that are more coercive and bewitching in nature, then this may be the service for you.



Is black magick evil ? Will it come back to haunt me in some way ?


Black magick love spells are often misunderstood, with many people assuming they are somehow evil or "satanic" in nature, or that they may backfire terribly upon the person who has requested the spell. Neither of these things are true ; black magick love spells simply harness a different level of power which some spell casters may feel uncomfortable dabbling with due to their intensity. And spells do not backfire on the person who requested work to be done - the spell caster is responsible for doing the spell and so anything that has been done ineffectively is on their shoulders to deal with, not anyone else's. I personally am of the belief that we get what expect to get back from spell work, so if a spell caster is nervous or worried about what they are doing, that negativity may boomerang back at them in some manner. The nature of the magick is not to blame, but rather the mindset of the practitioner. In any case, any dalliance with stronger magick is something most casters would know to take precautions with and I certainly do ; all black magick love spell rituals are preceded with thorough protection magick, and finished with strong cleansing magick.


The important point for YOU to take on board here is that YOU or the object of the spell will NOT suffer any kind of "payback". That is superstitious nonsense .