Reconciliation Magick

Reconciliation work is the most common reason people approach me for spell work. Because of this, I thought it a good idea to give this area its own explanation page, as it is not such a straightforward issue as other things people come to me for help with.

With many life issues, a standard spell casting service often does the job. By "standard" I am referring to the single, double or triple castings option which go from £15-£45 respectively.


When someone wants to get back with their ex, often or not the standard spell service just won't cut it. It will only usually work if the separation is very recent (3 weeks or less), and/or if the problems that caused the break up were quite minor. There are those instances where someone breaks up with you over something rather silly , and with a bit of a "nudge" with standard spell work, they will return to you. But if the issues were quite serious, or the separation has been longer term, you would just be wasting your money on a standard spell service. Things are further complicated if your ex is now with someone else, which I will go into further down this page.




These are two options to consider if your separation is over a few weeks old :



OPTION 1 : 30 day extreme spell service (£250)


Because of the enormous amount of repetition of spell work that focuses entirely on one thing - getting you back together again - a tremendous "cone of power" is built up over the 30 days of spell casting. This creates a kind of magnetic energy pull between you and your loved one that is stronger than any other spell work can achieve (apart from black magick), simply because of the repetition . There is also a higher chance of this getting faster results than basic methods due to one thing being concentrated on with such intensity.

30 day spell work is usually suffice for separations up to around  6 months.




OPTION 2 : Black Magick (£325)


The Black magick "Resurrection" spell is a step up from the 30 day spell service in respect of how powerful the spell work is. This is the one to choose if (a) the separation is over 6 months old or (b) If you feel the case/situation/person concerned is extremely stubborn and would benefit from a stronger push.



POTENTIAL ADD-ON : 2 week custom magick service  (£195 )



This is explained in the "custom magick" link of the "shop" area in the menu. The 2 week course is designed to be a SUPPORT service for separate reconciliation work. It is NOT a reconcilation service in and of it's self. With this service I  perform a variety of other spells to target specific issues which need resolving. It is all well and good getting your ex back, but if the underlying problems are not addressed, you could find yourself back to square one in no time at all.  Perhaps the relationship broke down as there were issues to do with sexual disinterest, inability or unwillingness to commit, trust issues, infidelity, spending too much time at work, etc. There might be a handful of problems that caused the break down, and the 2 week course will involve spell work for all of these. Generally, this option is advised if there were lots of different problems that contributed to the breakdown - in other words, when the situation was rather complicated and fraught with unresolved issues between you. As with all spell work, results can take several months to manifest .



If your ex is with someone else now



You WILL need to have break up work done too. You can get the Black Magick "Destruction" spell (£325) for this OR the 30 day break up spell service (£250). The standard triple cast option is  not going to be enough unless the relationship they are now in is very new - ie they have only been seeing one another for a few  weeks at most.



If the love has died



If your loved one has point blank told you that they no longer love you, then additional work is  advisable. If you have reason to believe they do still care about you, but are repressing those feelings, then I can still work with the situation, but you would need work that is more coercive in nature - something like "Follow me Boy" or "Influence" work, to compel those feelings to come more to the surface. Or the "Remember" black magick service, which is super-strong for more stubborn cases.




If you feel someone has done a spell on your loved one


If you have good reason to believe that your loved one has been targetted by other spell work - perhaps by a rival love interest or disgrunteld familiy member - it is important to first undertake spell work to remove that magick, else the spells that I perform will not be able to penetrate. There is a special service called "Boomerang" for this scenario, which can be found in the "other black magick spells" section of the shop.