Payment plans are only available for two types of spell services : 30 day spells and the 2 week custom magick service. While I appreciate some of the black magick spells are fairly expensive, or that you may want to place a large order, I cannot offer payment plans on spells that take place over a short time period, as to do so would mean I am doing the work before I've been paid. The spells I do offer a payment plan for go on over a long period of time, so by accepting instalments , I am always being paid ahead of the work. I have learned my lesson here after being let down one too many times in the past, so there are no exceptions to this policy I'm afraid. If you don't have all the money you need, it is best to save up until you can afford the spell work that you want done.


FOR 30 DAY SERVICES  : The total can be divided and paid over (a) 3 consecutive weekly payments or (b) Two payments, made a fortnight apart. You can either be sent an invoice through Paypal, or I can set up tailored payment buttons on this website.



FOR 2 WEEK SERVICES :  The total is divided in 2. Payments are one week apart , again via Paypal invoice or payment tabs on this website.


Using this method, I am always paid one week in advance, because the work does not begin until the first instalment is made. Payments must be made promptly, and if there is a problem with payment, you must get in touch with me to let me know.


Please bear in mind that spells are set for a specific duration for a good reason. If, for example a spell has to be stopped halfway through due to non-payment and not resumed again, it means the work is only half done, so the spell is incomplete. An incomplete spell is a spell that is potentially completely ineffectual. It is therefore important that you are in a position to keep up with payments .