Information Required for Spell Work


After you place an order for spell work, I will get back you to within 48 hours to acknowledge your order ,unless you've ordered on a Friday, in which case I may not get back to you until Monday, as I do not work at weekends. I will send over a copy of my spell guidelines, which describe how the whole process works , in case you have missed any important information on the website. PLEASE READ THIS ALL THE WAY THROUGH. It covers all possible questions you may have, and saves me having to answer these individually.


Included in the guidelines is the following information request, repeated here so you are aware of the basic things I need to know before you place any order.


- First and last name of all people involved in the spell

- Dates of birth are useful, but not essential

- A photo of each person concerned, if possible. It doesn't matter if you send separate shots or if it's one of you taken together

- A brief outline of the situation you want help for, if you feel you need to tell me anything significant.


You do NOT need to send me anything in the post.


This information should be sent directly to me - my personal email address will appear on the Paypal receipt. I do not display it online as that invites lots of spam emails.You cannot attach photos using the online contact form, which is why I need to you email me directly.


When you are looking out for a response email, please remember to check your junk/spam folder.