About the Tarot

One of the most common misconceptions about a Tarot reading is that what comes forth in a reading is somehow written in stone. This is not usually the case at all, as we each have free will, which is something no fortune-telling device can account for most of the time !


The best way to view the Tarot is as a trusted friend ; like a friend, the cards will always advise you from a basis of what is in your best interests, and will never "tell" you what to do. The cards can point out where you are likely to be headed, based on your current course of action or your attitude towards a certain situation, and by showing you where you seem to be headed, YOU can take the necessary action to change the course of the prediction, should what was revealed to you be something you wish to avoid.


It is best to approach the cards as a tool to indcate the most probable or most likely outcome, rather than to assume what it tells you is written in stone. Sure, some things that come through may well turn out to be unavoidable - in which case, it may be your "destiny" to experience a certain outcome, even if you try to avoid it.



Often, the cards will reveal new opportunities in front of someone, but it is up to YOU to recognize the signs of this and to act upon them. Just because something shows up, it does not mean it will definately happen. There will be times when YOU have to help things happen, and to do so you must acknoweldge the prompts the universe might be giving you and act upon them.


As well as the familiar predictive elements of the Tarot, it is also an excellent tool for providing you with impartial advice and guidance, and for exploring yourself or some situation from a deeper perspective, whether this be psychological, emotional , spiritual, or a mixture of all these things. Feel free to ask for it's opinion and insight on anything you want during our consultation.