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I am nervous about getting spell work done or doing it myself. Will I get bad karma ?

There is really nothing to worry about if you ask me to cast a magick spell or if you work with a spell kit yourself. There is nothing "bad", "evil" or "dark" about having a spell cast or working with magickal products. No area of your life is suddenly going to go pear shaped just because I did a spell casting for you or you worked with a mojo bag or some other magickal product. If you are extremely worried about anything like this occuring then it is best not to bother, as you will only create more concern for yourself. I have been involved with magick for many years and have never had any negative experiences from it. It will not harm you, and similarly is not a danger if you are pregnant. The "law of karma" is a Wiccan concept but no such concept exists in Hoodoo magick.

How long does spell work take to work ?

There is no "written in stone" answer to this as it varies person to person, case to case. For person A, it might work within a week or so. For someone else, it might take up to 90 days . It is impossible for me to give you a specific time frame for results I'm afraid.

What happens after I place an order ?

I will email you within 72 hours to confirm your order and advise what day your spell will start . I will also send you a copy of my "spell guidelines" document, so you know how everyhthing works . General questions and answers are covered on that document, including when to expect the photos of your spell work.

I don't think my spell has worked. What now ?

While magick spells work for many people, there are always going to be cases where they do NOT work. This can be due to various reasons, with the most common being as follows :

- If you were working with a spell kit, you did not follow the instructions and guidelines properly

- The situation was too far gone, so it was beyond any help or just wasn't meant to be

- Your goal was unrealistic, e.g wanting an ex back who you haven't seen for 3 years, wanting to win the lottery, wanting to lose weight but not changing your eating or exercise habits, etc

- You were trying to bend someone's will but their mind was just too strong so countered the attempt. The subject was too well "shielded".

- You only approached the issue from one angle , when you ought to have attempted spell work that covered various bases so all elements of the issue were addressed.

- You had (or have) a subconscious or conscious opinion about the magick which is negative. You might think it won't work, you might think it is "maybe nonsense". Projecting this kind of energy out can affect the magick. Truly believing a spell can and will work is a key part of it working.

Whatever the reason, you COULD try again, perhaps from a different angle next time. That is entirely up to you of course.

It is possible that you chose a spell caster who was not genuine. These types of spell casters are unfortunately very common. If no kind of proof was ever sent to you to confirm the work had been done - eg photos - how do you know the work HAD been done ? This is why all my spell work comes with photos, so you know I am a genuine practitioner and can see for yourself that x, y and z has been done.

It is also possible that your case is so problematic, stubborn, deep - rooted or complex that you have just not had enough work done. You really do need to be totally realistic and expect to part with some money to get a case like this worked on comprehensively. You might want to check out my 2 week root work courses in the "custom magick" section of the shop.

I have tried all sorts of spells and /or spell casters but nothing has worked so far - why ?

What kind of success rate do your spells have and do you offer any guarantee ?

I do get many emails from clients telling me their spells have worked. I have not, as yet, had anyone sending me "shouty" emails complaining something has failed . This said, I do always remind people when they email me before ordering spells, that there is no 100 % guarantee that magick will be effective for their case. Any spell caster who tells you otherwise is talking a load of nonsense as this is not an exact science, and some situations just are not meant to be. I am very pleased so far with the results of my spell work - judging by the emails I get, they have helped a lot of people.

Some of your spells sound quite dark. Do you practice black magick ?

In Hoodoo (the type of magick I practice ), there is no such thing as white magick, black magick or grey magick. Spells just are what they are , just like nature is nature , in all it's forms. There is no "good magick" versus "bad magick". I think the intent behind the magick is what is more significant. For example , while I offer Domination spell work, I have to know the intention the client has for the target first. If they wanted to control a lover to do very morally questionable things, I would refuse the order. If someone had their eye on some guy at work, and the guy is married with kids and trhe woman barely knows this guy, she just fancies him and wants him to be available, I would refuse the work. So I don't practice any kind of magick that makes me feel uncomfortable with regards to the reasons behind the spells requested.

Do you get messages, insights or impressions when doing spells ? Will I get some sort of "report" about how it went ?

"No" to all the above. Doing magick is a very practical undertaking really, a bit like getting ingredients together to bake a cake. When I begin the actual casting, my mind and emotions are focused on channeling energy into the spell. There is a great deal of concentration involved, and a lot of speaking aloud while the spell burns. It does not involve getting psychic impressions or feelings and 99.9% of the time it is an entirely straightforward process, so I don't send some sort of report to describe how the candle burned, how the wax melted, how long the spellvelope took to burn, etc....that is all rather pointless really ! I prep the spell work, do the spell, email your pics, answer any questions you may have, and that is that. The spell is done, and the Universe responds.

If a spell does not work, do you do refunds ?

No. You are paying for a service . This involves the use of my supplies, a chunk of my time and a lot of my energy and effort. I do not make wild claims about "your spell is 100% guaranteed to work ! " so please do not come demanding a refund if something does not work out. This is not very respectful of my time and efforts and is incredibly unfair. So far, I have not actually had any such demands but thought I'd mention this subject in case you were wondering. You should also be aware that Paypal supports the seller in cases where there is proof of an item of service having been sent. This is one of the reasons I take and send photos of all work, so there is no question of the work not having been done. I also retain every single email between myself and clients so it is easy to take screenshots of all conversations. At the end of the day, I do my very best for each client but this is not an excat science and I am not Harry Potter. Respect my time and respect my efforts please.

I need advice about what to choose - can I email you for suggestions ?

Sure you can - I am happy to advise you if you are serious about having work done and not just merely curious. BUT if you have a very tricky situation, and lots of questions, and think we are likely to get into a lenghty email exchange, then please purchase a consultation from the "custom magick" section of the shop. There has been more than one occasion where I've ended up exchanging dozens of emails with people before they think of making a purchase, and this is VERY time consuming ! I am very busy with work and it is very frustrating to spend 1-2 hours of my time answering questions, reading long emails and providing suggestion , only for someone to not even bother following up with an actual purchase. So PLEASE only email me if you are SERIOUS about getting work done, and purchase a consultation if you have a lot to discuss and ask.

I have run out of supplies for my spell kit. Where can I get more ?

I am slowly working on another website in my free time - one geared entirely around the full inventory of my magickal services and products. In the interim, anything you need repleneshing is available upon request. Just drop me an email and I will send you my menu of products. I can then invoice you via Paypal for what you require. Conjure oils, sprinkling powder and incense are each £6.95 inclusive of postage to the UK and Eire.

What's your 30 day spell service about ? Should I choose that or a 2 week custom magick course ?

The 2 week custom magick course involves triple casts of many different spells, plus various vigil candles and some mailed out ;products. This course is good for targetting all the issues feeding into the bigger picture problems . Let's say you wanted your ex back , but you want to address all the problems that led to the break up, eg lack of commitment, lack of sexual interest, working too much, being unfaithful, not giving you enough affection, etc. A 2 week service would focus on all these things and not just focus on getting the person back.

The 30 day spell service would focus JUST on getting the person back, which for some people is the main prioroty. The 30 day service casts the same spell for 30 consecutive days, ramping up the power in an unbelievably intense manner. The results can often be faster and are usually permanent.

The 30 day service can be had as a stand alone service, or had in conjunction with the 2 week custom magick service, or something else.

You might want to try this if other magick has failed, or you might want to have it done with something else to ramp up the magickal power expontentially. Some people like to get alot of work done, some people have extremely stubborn cases and NEED more work done. There are many reasons why someone might choose a 30 day spell.

A 30 day spell also involves me working here on a private alter set up JUST for you, and I use a cauldron JUST for you and nobody else's work , as all ashes from the 30 spells must be saved and bottled up at the end of the 30 days. To the bottle I add special herbs, resins, curios and other bits and bobs designed to officially SEAL the spell work and PROTECT the spell work and make it PERMANENT. This gets mailed out to you and you must store it somewhere private in your home.

I accept payment in instalments on these, but you MUST commit to the whole course. It would ruin the work and waste your money and my time if a payment was not made on time in order to continue the work without a break, or if someone had a change of mind one week into things and stopped payments. It is best to save up in advance and wait until you have the funds .

What are the signs a spell is working ?

- Things to do with the person or situation may start to appear in your dreams with more frequency

- You turn on the TV or radio and something really relevant to the situation is seen or heard

- Odd coincidences start to occur and starnge synchronicities

- Words or images connected to the situation keep appearing before you seemingly at random

- People or events from the past that have a strong link to the person or situation may crop up unexpectedly

- Out of the blue phone calls, emails, letters and other correspondance that relate to the situation start to occur

Should I try additional work, and if so, when ?

Whatever spell work you've tried, it can take up to 3 months for full effects to manifest . If, after 3 months, you have noticed some changes, but not to the extent you were seeking, you can consider additional work, because once this 3 month period has been reached, any effects the magick has had will have reached their limit . It is best to attempt new work as soon after this 3 month mark as possible, while the effects of the previous work are still recent. If you have noticed no changes at all after 3 months, this is another scenario in which additional work can be considered.

There are 2 options for add-on work. (1) Totally new spell work or (2) Booster work for current/recent spell work done.

New work is the better option when the situation warrants taking a new approach. Perhaps past spell work focused on one or two areas, but new issues have come to light, or you have new intentions , or when you want to expand the range of influence the magick has. For example, you might have done a 30 day Follow Me Boy service, but the man in question seems to have trust issues which are only coming to light more now. He may well give you more attention, but when it comes to the crunch, he backs off or walls off. In this case, new work would be advised, to work on trust issues and opening up.

Taking a similar situation, but considering BOOSTER WORK,let's say you had the 30 day Follow Me Boy and he is giving you lots more attention and everything is going well, but 4 months after the work was completed, his attention wanes. In this instance, you could try a booster package of some sort.

If you are unsure if to go for brand new work or add on work to boost the same spell previously done, get in touch to discuss things.