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6 Months Future Path Tarot Reading

For this Tarot reading, I will look ahead to see what is in store for you on a month by month basis, drawing two cards for each month we will look at. This is a general kind of future-outlook reading where anything can turn up really. If there is anything specficic you would like me to keep a look out for, you can mention that before I lay out the cards.

This Tarot reading takes about 20 minutes.

Future path tarot reading

Your Future Lover Revealed

For this Tarot reading, I draw a number of cards to answer the following questions : (1) What do they look like ? Approximate height, build, hair, eye colour and general looks (2) What line of work are they in ? (3) What kinf of personality and character they have, and their temperament (4) What are they looking for in a relationship - something casual, or something deeper ? Do they want children ? Marriage, etc (4) Any negative traits/flaws you will have to accept (5) How this person will impact your life (6) Where and when will you meet ? (7) Prospects for this relationship

This Tarot reading takes about 20 minutes

Your future lover revealed -psychic tarot reading

You and Your Ex - Will you Reconcile ?

For this Tarot reading, I draw a series of cards to answer the following questions : (1) How does your ex feel about you now ? What are the dominant thoughts and/or emotions concerning you ? (2) How are they coping now that you are not together (3) What, if anything, do they want from you now ? (4) Is a reconciliation showing for the two of you, and if so, when ? (5) General advice and guidance.

This Tarot reading takes about 20 minutes

You and your ex tarot reading - will you reconcile ?

Your New Relationship - Will it Last ?

If you have been dating someone less than 6 months, this Tarot reading can be ordered.The spread will look at the following : (1) What they think about you (2) How they feel about you (3) What they think/feel about the relationship (4) Any future challenges in store for either of you that might impact the union (5) Longer term prospects for you as a couple (6) General advice.

This Tarot reading itakes about 20 minutes.

Your new realtionship - a tarot reading to see if it will last

Love Triangles and Affairs Reading

Please note : An ACTUAL sexual affair must be going on here.

This Tarot reading will look at (1) How this person feels about you (2) What they want from you (3) How you and/or they feel about anyone else involved (4) How likely are you and/or they to leave any other relationship (5) Is this relationship worth your efforts or should you back out ? (6) Likliest outcome of your reationship with this person you are having the affair with.

This Tarot reading takes about 20 minutes.

Love triangles and affairs tarot reading

Love Problems Reading

This psychic reading helps to gain insight and guidance for all sorts of love problems that relationships can sometimes face. There are very often hidden or unrecognized issues that contribute to a relationship problem or sometimes it might just be the case that you already know something but might be refusing to face it. Whatever the problem is, and whatver might be playing a part in it, this indepth love reading wil help you to gain a fresh perspective and a better clarity so that hopefully things can begin to get resolved between you.

This Tarot reading takes about 20 minutes.

Love problems tarot reading

Celtic Cross Reading


Probably the most well known tarot reading spread, the Celtic Cross uses 10 cards for a really indepth look at things. This type of tarot reading spread is suitable for any life issue which needs a detailed , thorough exploration.

This Tarot reading takes around half an hour.