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Photographic Proof for Spell Work


I will take a selection of photos  for each spell you order. A spell caster who provides actual proof that the work has been done is not common, but it is important to me to be able to provide you with confidence in the work having been done. This is not the same as saying "if someone sends no proof, they are a scammer" - there are plenty of genuine casters out there and I'm sure it has simply not occured to them to take photos, or it is an idea they are not keen on, perhaps because of wanting to keep their methods very private. Every spell caster has their own way of running their business - mine just happens to involve a service which includes photographic proof of the spell work.


Photos received will typically include the following :


1. A photo of the ready-mixed contents of the spell envelope  inside of the envelope, with your name on it.


2. A photo of your spell envelope being placed in the cauldron while it starts to burn, with your name visible on it


Where more than one spell has been ordered, you will see all the spells in the photos.


For larger spells like the 2 week service, 30 days spells and black magick, you will receive a number of photos but I don't send 30 individual photos of the 30 individual casts as it gets a bit ridiculous trying to attach 30+ photos to an email ! I randomly select castings to photograph and you will receive those, alongside a couple of pictures of the spell/s being prepared.



I keep a folder for all spell photographs so I always have a record proving the work was done. It has been very rare for me to be hit with a Paypal dispute, but in the event of such an unfortunate event occuring, photographic proof of the spell work is all that is required to win a case.


The name that appears on your spellvelope will be the one that is on your Paypal receipt, because again, in the event of any claim. it is important I can show that names match. Usually, if someone goes by a different name to that displayed on their Paypal claim. I write that on the envelope too, along with the name of any other person the spell is targetting.