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Payment Methods

All online payments are processed via Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account to use Paypal as it accepts all debit and credit cards , but you need to be on a PC, not a mobile phone as this site cannot process phone payments sorry. Payment in cash for face to fac bookings is at my discretion and usually only for returning customers. I do not accept cheques but postal orders are permitted.

I have various websites but one main Paypal account that is used to accept Payments as this makes my life easier - it would be very complicated for me to be checking various email addresses to look out for orders ! When you go through checkout, Paypal will display who you are paying (Myself -Victoria Zasikowski), rather than showing the website name. The Paypal address I use is a generic address that receives payments from all my sales venues. I will not give the full address here as spammers will take advantage of it, but it will appear on your Paypal receipt.

After you have made payment, you will be redirected to the home page of this website.


You are paying for a service . This involves the use of my supplies, a chunk of my time and a lot of my energy and effort. I do not make wild claims about "your spell is 100% guaranteed to work ! " so please do not come demanding a refund if something does not work out. This is not very respectful of my time and efforts and is incredibly unfair. So far, I have not actually had any such demands but thought I'd mention this subject in case you were wondering. You should also be aware that Paypal supports the seller in cases where there is proof of an item of service having been sent. This is one of the reasons I take and send photos of all work, so there is no question of the work not having been done. I keep all photos and all sent emails containing photos and retain every single email between myself and clients so it is easy to take screenshots of all conversations to defend myself against any misleading claims made against me either to Paypal or on dodgy, unmonitored internet review sites. At the end of the day, I do my very best for each client but this is not an excat science and I am not Harry Potter. Respect my time and respect my efforts please.