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Party Gifts

If you would like to treat your guests to something extra, I offer a selection of magickal /spiritual products which will be prettily packaged and placed in good quality party bags or small boxes. Items can be ordered with each individual person in mind (and labelled accordingly) , or you could choose various things and let guests select a bag at random in "pot luck" fashion. Anything from the "shop" section of this site can also be purchased for use as party gifts. To order anything below, mention what you require when you use the contact form to make your booking and I will add the extras to your invoice. If you've already put a deposit down or paid in full for your party, but would like some of these products, that is fine - I can send you a new invoice.

I will bring everything with me when I arrive in a holdall so as to keep things a surprize.

Chakra-Balancing Bath Salts - £6.00

Hand-blended to order, these bath salts use a base of Epsom salts, baking soda and Dead Sea salts to which I add a mixture of finely ground herbs and roots and various essential oils. The ingredients are carefully chosen to correspond to each of the 7 chakras , creating a harmonious blend that will help to realign any imbalances in the chakras. A bath with these divinely scented salts will relax, refresh and soothe, leaving you feeling newly balanced and revitalized. Each bag contains enough salts for around 8 baths.

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Crop tool (rounded square)

Spellvelopes - £10.00

A set of 3 magickal envelopes I call "Spellvelopes", each containing a mixture of herbs,roots and oils coomonly used in "Make a Wish" spells. These are to be burned in something fireproof (instructions included).Annooint one of the 3 candles included with the magickal oil provided and "Make a Wish". As there are 3 Spellvelopes, you can do this little ritual times for separate wishes.

Spiritual Incense - £6.00

My hand-made incense is available in various formulas and comes with several charcoal discs. All you need is a plate and an open window. Full instructions are included.

Choose from : Clear and Refresh, Relax and Unwind, Invigorate & Energize, Ground and Balance or Peaceful Sleep.

A little goes a long way , so there is enough for at least 10 sessions of burning.

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Reiki-Infused Tumblestones - £3.00

Rose quartz is attributed with soothing, calming properties and is also related to the heart chakra. Many people hold a piece of this in their hand or carry on their person when they wish to envelope themselves in loving and protective vibrations which help them to feel calmer, less stressed, less anxious, softer and more relaxed. The natural energy of the tumblestone is greatly enhanced when infused with Reiki , making for an extra powerful stone.