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Lenormand Card Readings

If you would like to try something different to the Tarot, I offer a form of Cartomancy reading using Lenormand cards. This deck is what I would consider as a "Fortune - Telling" system ; it has a strong focus on the more predictive elements of things and is best used for questions which suit shorter, snappier answers rather than those that might require deeper psychological insight or longer responses.

If you book a face to face, phone or live chat reading, you can give these a try if you like during any leftover time. I do not use them for the main readings listed on this site so they should be requested only for a series of quicker questions that suit more succinct replies. I really love working with these as they are so quick to get answers from and have their own unique meanings that are nothing at all like the Tarot.

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Examples of Questions Suitable for this Deck

- Do you see me moving house in the next 6 months ?

- Do you see me changing jobs this year ?

- Can I trust this woman/man ?

- Will I get the promotion I am after ?

- When will i meet a new love interest ?

- How do they feel about me ?

- Should stay in my current job or look for something new ?