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Tarot Parties For Cardiff & Surrounding Area

If you fancy something a little different to entertain your guests, a Tarot party is definately something your guests will enjoy and not forget in a hurry ! From June 2013, I am available to attend your party to give individual guests a personalized Tarot reading. Whether it is a birthday party, graduation party, hen night, Halloween party or any other kind of celebration do or just a girly night in, you are sure to give your guests something unique to remember.

Read on for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

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How much does it cost ?

The fee is £20 per person , with the host's reading done free of charge. There should be a minimum of 5 people having readings done and a maximum of 15. This is the most amount of people I'd want to read for as it is intensive work and with a couple of breaks here and there, it is a long evening for me . If your party is larger than this, I can bring a fellow reader with me to help out .Each reading lasts around 15 minutes. You will need to supply your own invitations.

Do you require a deposit ?

You can pay everything upfront in advance, or put a 25 % downpayment on your party. In the event of a cancellation , your 25 % downpayment will be retained as compensation , or in the case of you paying 100 % up front, 75 % of what you paid will be refunded and the remainder retained. If you just need to rechedule, rather than cancel, the above will not apply unless you are giving me less than 5 days notice.Party fees need to paid via the booking page of this section of the site, where you can pay by Paypal (no Paypal account required) or request to pay via cheque. The balance of any fees owed must be paid at the start of your party by CASH only.

How far will you travel ?

I offer readings if you are Cardiff - this includes Barry, Rhoose, Wenvoe, Penarth. I do not have sat nav in my car so do not travel beyond this unless you wish to cover the cost of a taxi fair there and back.

What days and times of the week are you available ?

I am available any day of the week and can start at any time of the day, but do not like to work beyond 11 pm as by then I will be very tired from all the readings. I am happy to work bank holidays , Easter and Halloween but not Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or Boxing Day. I require at least 2 weeks notice for a booking please.

A quiet place to conduct readings and the occasional cup of tea is all I need :) A room in your house where I can sit quietly with each guest is best. I do not conduct readings in a room where other guests are milling around - it HAS to be one on one for me to have focus. If the room has some sort of table, that is preferred, though I can work on a bed or sofa if that is all that is available. If your party is out of doors, a table will be required along with a canopy or parasol for protection from rain and sun. This should be placed well away from the main party in a quiet area where guests will not be surrounding me.

I do not give any kind of "presentation" to the group before beginning readings - I prefer a brief , friendly introduction before you whisk me to the reading room. Similarly, I do not mingle with guests in between readings, I do not drink alcohol and do not sit down to eat food with guests.

Do you do offer anything besides Tarot readings for parties ?

Yes. As a practitioner of magick, there are a number of magickal items I can provide as gifts for your guests , should you wish to treat them to something extra. See the "Party Gifts" page within the Tarot Party section of the site for info