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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay up front for face to face readings?

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Yes. Payment can be made in the shop section of the site , using Paypal. You do not need to have a Paypal account in order to use the Paypal payment gateway. Using Paypal protects both of us - you get the assurance of payment protection while I get the assurance you are serious about your appointment ! I appreciate many Tarot readers do not ask for payment until you visit them, but this is perhaps more common when the Tarot reader does not have their own website, so cannot process online payments. We are all used to paying for many things online, and I prefer the security of upfront payment as this means you will turn up for your appointment , unless some good cause requires you to reschedule. Many a Tarot reader has experienced a catalogue of "no shows" so I charge upfront to prevent this occuring, as it really is a frustrating waste of time for someone when someone fails to turn up but does not even call.

What if I change my mind about having a reading but have already paid ?

I will retain 25 % of the amount you paid as compensation for the time spent emailing back and forth to arrange your booking, and the fact that business has been lost due to you changing your mind about an appointment I could have given to someone else. Please ensure you are serious about having an appointment ! Any refund will be processed via Paypal and you should email me to inform me you have changed your mind. These caveats apply to all methods of tarot readings I offer.

Something has come up - can I reschedule ?

I do appreciate that unexpected things occur and sometimes rescheduling is necessary , but if I have less than 48 hours notice , a rescheduling fee of £5 will be required, payable in cash when you turn up at the rescheduled time. There is no rescheduling fee for online or telephone readings

Can I bring a friend with me ?

You can bring one person with you , whether they are just coming along as company on the journey or wish to have a reading after you. In either case, your friend will need to wait in the kitchen while you have your reading as I conduct readings one on one only. They can help themselves to drinks, browe magazines, and sit in the garden if the weather is suitable.

Will my Tarot reading be recorded ?

I am not the type of reader who conveys anything frightening during a Tarot reading. I do not gloss over any challenges or problems I sense you might face in the near future, but I never mention anything to do with illness, death, unfaithful partners etc. I am very sensitive in the way I conduct my readings so will never impart any information that may frighten you or upset you in some dreadful manner.

I do not feel very emotionally or psychologically stable right now. Can you still read for me ?

If you are going through a really tough time and are feeling vulnerable and highly emotional right now, then please wait until you feel things have stabilized for you before you book a reading. Similarly, if you are experiencing depression, or have any type of clinically recognized mental illness, then I'm sorry but I cannot read for you at this time. To do so would be reckless and irresponsible. I would urge you to seek the proper professional guidance as at the end of the day, I just read the cards - I am not a counsellor or doctor of any kind and a Tarot reading should never be viewed as an alternative to professional advice.

Can you contact the dead ?

Being a Tarot reader or "psychic" is not the same thing as being a medium. A medium - often calling themselves a "psychic medium", has a skill which allows them to communicate with spirits, without using anything like cards or the crystal ball, etc. While some Tarot readers also possess a mediumship gift of this kind, I do not. So no, I am not a medium. That said, I CAN use the Tarot as a tool for asking direct questions about your deceased loved ones. The Tarot can be an excellent tool for asking your loved on what they feel about this or that, what advice do they give you about this or that, etc. But no, I cannot sit there and tell you that I feel the presence of your Auntie, whose name sounds like Sally, who suffered back problems and died of cancer and she has this message for you........sorry !

How long is your waiting list and do you offer "emergency appointments" ?

Typically, there is a one week wait for a reading. If you are really keen to have one much sooner, please email me to see if I am free . For a faster appointment where you give me 48 hours notice or less, there is an extra charge of £10. You will still need to purchase the appointment online in the shop area - look for the listing for emergency appointments.

I don't live in the UK. Can I still have a reading from you ?

By all means ! The best option would probably be a reading over a messenger service like Skype , Yahoo Chat or Facebook chat. These are readings where I type out answers to your questions - sort of like text messaging. If you do have Skype, we can also arrange Skpye voice chat - this is a facility where we can hear one another's voice, but it is not the same as placing a Skype phone call. So long as your pc has an inbuilt microphone, I will be able to hear you, and vice versa. You can also book a normal phone reading, but this will incur international call charges for you on top of what you pay for the Tarot reading.

What is your refund policy ?

All sales are final. I offer a 75 % refund if you change your mind and want to cancel a tarot reading appointment. I do not give refunds for tarot readings that have been completed, or for spell castings already paid for or spell kits mailed out. The only time I will refund is if an item mailed out to you is broken and you do not wish me to send a replacement.

Please note that trying to get around this by initiating a Paypal dispute will not work, as they do not respond in the claimant's favour for transactions that do not involve the mailing out of physical products.