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Despite putting this notice up, people are continually ignoring it and asking me things already answered. This is extremely frustrating and time consuming. The main offenders are people asking about reconciliation work. THERE IS A LINK - PLEASE SCROLL DOWN ! 


***I have to now insist that everyone takes 5 minutes to read through the spell casting FAQ section properly before contacting me. All common questions are already answered there so please do this before asking anything !


*** If enquiring about reconciliation work, PLEASE read the reconciliation FAQ page before contacting me. All common questions are addressed there.


*** I do not work for free so please do not ask for free spell work


*** Prices are clearly displayed next to all spells, yet people contstantly ask me how much things are. Please look , and please use the currency converter if required. The link to this appears at the top of all product pages


*** Please only contact me if you are aware of the prices, can afford the work and are serious about getting spell work done.


*** I do not chat on the phone about spell work so please don't ask me to call you.


I don't usually work weekends so may not reply until Monday if you message me Fri-Sun. Please check spam when awaiting my reply.


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