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Tarot Reading Bookings

If you would like to book a Tarot reading from me , either face to face, over the phone, or on a messenger service such as Skype, please visit the shop page for Tarot readings and make your selection there. Paypal will email you a receipt for your purchase and will forward me the receipt too . Please consider the Paypal receipt as confirmation of your payment and order . I try to respond to emails as soon as possible - usually within 48 hours though I do not work at weekends so any emails sent Friday usually won't be answered until Monday.

Please use the contact form on this website, or the email address on the receipt, to email me about anything and remember to check your junk/spam folder when looking out for a reply from me.

For phone and live chat tarot readings, appointments are usually scheduled for around 3-5 days after you pay. For face to face readings, there is a waiting list of around 10 days at the moment.

ALL READINGS ARE PAID FOR UPFRONT ONLINE. This avoids no-shows, as it is all too easy for people to book a reading then not turn up or even let the reader know they can't make it.

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