Victoria Zasikowski -Tarot reader, Rootworker. Spellcaster & Astrologer based in Cardiff, UK.

Hello and welcome to my website, Tarot Magick.

My name is Victoria Zasikowski. I am a professional Tarot reader , Astrologer and Spellcaster based in Cardiff, Wales, UK. I am entirely self -taught in all areas , with around 20 years of experience behind me. I was around 20 when I first got interested in all these things , but I did not decide to turn my interest and talents into a business until 5 years ago. During this time, I have worked entirely online and mainly via a shop I had on Ebay, where gradually I built up a solid reputation and was much in demand as a reader . I had many repeat clients from around the world and accumulated over 4,000 positive feedback ratings and comments during the course of my work there ! Out of the blue in September 2012, Ebay announced that psychic readings and spell castings were prohibited, so along with countless others who had built up successfull businesses in metaphysical niches there, my time as an Ebay psychic was suddenly over. I have since closed my shop there (The Enchanted Land) but my account is still active, so my feedback remains visible.

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Over the years, lots of customers asked if I could do face -to-face readings, but the time has not been right until now. There is not much of a selection of Tarot readers in Cardiff, and certainly none with the amount of genuine online testimonials I have (you cannot fake ebay feedback !) , so in light of the end of my career on ebay and the apparant calI for more truly established readers in Cardiff, I have decided to branch out into one on one readings in addition to doing email and live chat readings . These usually take place in a room in my house dedicated to Tarot readings, though I can travel to you if you prefer. I also offer Tarot parties, Astrology reports and a comprehensive range of Spell kits, Spellcasting services and Magickal product lines. Please browse the relevant sections of the site for information about these different things.


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